Two on the Road

From the company Culturactiva SCG.

Culturactiva SCG is a cultural management cooperative with more than fifteen years of experience. It is one of the main theatre and music distributors in the country.

Furthermore, Culturactiva SCG is not only a distributor, but also works as a production company to bring a full programme of activities to the streets, squares and theatres of Galicia.

"Dos en el camino" (a Jacobean story): Directed by Avelino González, based on scripts by Roi Vidal and Xurxo Barcala, and with comedians Fran Rei and Isabel Risco at the helm, "Dos en el camino" was created specifically for the programme Xacobeo Vive o Camino 2017. In this production, aimed at all audiences and with a very simple staging, three of the most popular Xacobean legends are revisited: Roland, the French knight, the legend of the stone boat from Muxía and the transfer of the apostle St. James to Compostela. Always in a comic tone, but maintaining the essence of these magical stories and with total respect.

"Dos en el camino” aims to be a fun and easy introduction to the Jacobean legends, with special emphasis on their Galician roots. Throughout the 70 minutes of the show, Isabel Risco and Fran Rei, initially pilgrims with very different personalities who accidentally meet at a point along the way, become all the characters that star in these legends: the knight Roland, the Arab sisters, the apostle Santiago, Queen Lupa and, especially, Theodore and Athanasius, crazy and funny disciples of the apostle. In short, two comedians putting on a comedy show about Jacobean legends to delight the audience with some wonderfully unbelievable stories.

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