The Xunta de Galicia has implemented different special measures to provide confidence and safety and protect the health of everyone who visits Galicia in the coming months. 

First and foremost, the Galician Health Service has set up a special telephone helpline for travellers who are not resident in Galicia and have a family doctor. They can call 881 00 20 21 for free treatment if they present any COVID-19 related symptoms.

Furthermore, to ensure protective measures from the moment they arrive in Galicia and to make their stay more straightforward, travellers, whether they are resident in Galicia or not who are coming from or have in the previous fourteen days been in regions with high levels of COVID-19, must provide their contact details to the Galician heath authorities within 24 hours of their arrival regardless of whether they present symptoms linked to COVID-19.

Contact details must be given either by filling in the form available at or calling 881 00 20 21. The list of regions deemed to have high levels of COVID-19 will be updated every fortnight. The current list is available in the travellers section of the  Galician Health Service 

Alongside these measures, tourist businesses and sites have health and hygiene protocols in place. Whilst the health situation allows, measures are in place for safe visits to public spaces in hotels and tourist accommodation, cinemas, theatres, concert halls, and exhibition galleries, as well as other tourist attractions in Galicia.


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