routenameKmlevel of difficulty
1ruta MAQUINO LARGAÑO13,8 KmDificultad verde
2ruta CIRCULAR DE NOGUEIRA DE RAMUÍN34,3 KmDificultad negro
3ruta CIRCULAR DE PARADA DE SIL33,5 KmDificultad verde
4ruta OS TORGAIS8,8KmDificultad Azul
5ruta FÁBRICA DA LUZ12,5 KmDificultad roja


You can see the details of the different routes on a computer or GPS with GPX. and KMZ. files. The GPX co-ordinates are GPS data exchange files and need the right programme to import them into your GPS. The KMZ co-ordinates are files with geographical data that can be seen with the free programme Google Earth.