30 Sep 2016
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First Birding Fam Trip in Galicia

Between days September 16 and September 20, first Galician Birding Famtrip was carried out.

These six days, we visited some interesting birding areas in Galicia and we were able to observer more than a hundred different species.

First Birding Fam Trip in Galicia

First day we went to Terra Chá. Always it is worth looking for birds in the meadows and in the wetlands. This day we enjoyed a group of lesser kestrel.

A Terra Chá

Next day the Umia - O Grove wetland was our destination. It is one of the best wetlands in the north of Iberian Peninsula. It is difficult to highlight one single species amid all we observed. Spoonbills always catch the attention but hundreds of waders do it also.

Intermareal Umia-O Grove

In the third day we sailed aboard Chasula boat, a special experience in one of the finest birding products in Galicia. Although the sea was rough, interesting birds were watched like the Cory´s shearwater and the balearic shearwater, many gannets and different gulls species.

Chasula boat

When we sailed back we stopped in Salvora island that it belongs to the Illas Atlánticas de Galicia National Park. We were able to spot several migrating little birds like the pied flycatcher in a short walk. Later, we sailed among the "bateas" (offshore facilities to farm mussels) where a lot of birds rest, for example the shags.

Sálvora island (Illas Atlánticas National Park)

In the fourth day of our birding trip, we headed for the north wetlands. The first stop was in the ría do Burgo, close to Corunna, one of the best places in Galicia to watch urban birds. It was an obligatory stop: David Lindo AKA The Urban Birder was among us. The figure of species was impressive if we consider that you are birding in a urban area in a place where people walk and do sport.

Ría do Burgo

Later, we reached the Ría de Ortigueira where spoonbills, gulls and hundreds of waders was resting and feeding. We enjoyed the sunset from the Ría de Ladrido.

Ría de Ortigueira

Last day of the birding trip was in the best point to observer migrating seabirds in Europe: the cape of Estaca de Bares, the northernmost place in the Iberian Peninsula. If the wind direction is favourable bird migration can be stunning. This day it wasn´t the best but thousands of seabirds faced the Atlantic. Sooty shearwaters, Cory´s shearwaters, Manx shearwaters, common and artic terns, skuas of different species crossed in front us.

Estaca de Bares

We express our gratitude to David Lindo, Gorka Gorospe, Fernando Pereiras de la Cal, Xoán Diéguez "Kobalto" and the staff of the Axencia Turismo de Galicia that they came with us in this trip to some of the best birding Galician places. We hope to repeat again!

First Birding Fam Trip in Galicia