03 Jun 2016
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A Serra da Enciña da Lastra at its best

The Serra de Enciña da Lastra Natural Park is one of the most valuables natural areas in Galicia, especially in relation to its size. The first days of June, it is at his best to observe easily a stunning bird checklist.

The Natural Park and its surroundings are a relatively small area where we can find a huge variety of habitats with a grand ecological value. The most scenic are the big rocky cliffs where a lot of birds nest and rest.

Serra da Enciña da Lastra

Also it highlights the Mediterranean forest where holm oak is the most abundant tree. We cannot forget the chestnut forest, meadows and orchards, as well as the Galir River and the Sil River reservoir.

Serra da Enciña da Lastra

In total, more than one hundred species of birds can be observed. Among them, we highlight several species like the golden eagle, the egyptian vulture, the alpine swift or the red-billed chough.

Golden Eagle / Aquila chrysaetos

We can also observe a wide range of forest birds like the eurasian wryneck, the booted eagle, the short-toed snake eagle, the common redstart or the spotted flycatcher.

Common Redstart / Phoenicurus phoenicurus

In the scrub areas are also stunning to see warblers like the eurasian blackcap, the garden warbler, the dartford warbler, the subalpine warbler, etc.

Common Whitethroat / Sylvia communis

The barn swallow, the eurasian crag martin, the red-rumped swallow, the common house martin or the european bee-eater, the common nightingale complete a the huge bird checklist that it can be observed right now.

European Bee-eater / Merops apiaster