12 Jan 2017
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What is the best way to welcome the New Year?

No doubt, birding.

All the wintering birds are presents in January. The easy birds to observe are the aquatic birds. To spot them we have to go to any of the Galician coastal wetlands.


From the Ría de Ribadeo to the river Miño estuary, there are lakes, beaches and estuaries that they harbour great figures of gulls, wildfowl, waders, cormorants and herons.

River Miño estuary

These birds are a challenge. To identify every single seabird or wader is not a easy task sometimes.


If we prefer the inland we also can find some wintering species like the redwing, the fieldfare or the less common brambling. This bird is scarce but we can find it in any countryside area.

Brambling /Fringilla montifringilla

The yellow-browed warbler is a particular bird. A few years ago it was a complete unknown species in Galicia but in the last two years it has became a regular wintering bird and we can find it in a few very convenient places like urban parks and gardens. What is better else than birding? 

Yellow-browed Warbler / Phylloscopus inornatus