03 Feb 2017
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The celebration of wetlands

World Wetlands Day is celebrated on 2 February. Signed in the Ramsar, Iran, the Convention on Wetlands has been commemorated since 1977.

Different types of wetlands are fundamental to biodiversity around the world, hosting a large number of bird species that in many cases reach spectacular numbers. But wetlands are not only important for birds, they are key areas for human food, climate regulation, water reserves, CO2 storage and they keep a great cultural heritage.

The celebration of wetlands

The most important wetlands on the planet are covered by the Convention and they are called "Ramsar Wetlands" and in Galicia there are several. They are excellent places for birding: the intertidal area Umia-O Grove, Valdoviño lake, Corrubedo, the estuary of de Ortigueira and the estuary of de Ribadeo.

World Wetlands Day is celebrated on 2 February

Take advantage of this weekend to know them and understand the important role of wetlands in biodiversity conservation globally. The number of birds that we can watch in these wetlands, in the middle of winter, is very high. Gulls, wildfowl, herons and waders are the main groups.

Common Reed Bunting / Emberiza schoeniclus

But these important areas are not the only ones. In Galicia we have a multitude of wetlands to go to and there are even activities open to the public as organized in the Limia by the Galician Society of Natural History on Saturday 4.

Activities open to the public as organized in the Limia