04 Apr 2017
  • Birds

Change of season

The season is changing and it triggers changes in bird communities. Spring is coming and it comes with a lot of new species

Longer days, increasing temperatures, rain and, of course, their birds mark the spring in Galicia.

Black Kite | Milvus migrans

Between March and April birds from south arrive, some of then so familiar as common house martins or barn swallows accompanied by the less well-known red-rumped swallows. tree pipits, black kites and booted eagles are coming as well.

Common Swift | Apus apus

Inner areas, with a relatively small number of species, are populated with migratory birds and they fill the air with their trills.

Barn Swallow | Hirundo rustica

In a few days, well-known common cuckoos will arrive as well common nightingales, common swifts, the colourful bee-eaters and the scarce Montagu's harriers.

Booted Eagle | Hieraaetus pennatus

Red-backed shrikes, european honey buzzards and another birds will take a month to arrive.

European Bee-eater | Merops apiaster

But that is not all. Between March and April some wintering species are still leaving in Galicia. Meanwhile we can see many others migrating birds that are traveling towards north like the northern gannets in the coast or garganeys in wetlands.

European Honey Buzzard | Pernis apivorus

On these dates, going out and birding is exciting, do not miss it!

Garganey | Spatula querquedula