12 May 2017
  • Birds

The “Global Big Day”

A full day dedicated specifically to bird watching around the planet.

Global Big Day is about trying to observe the maximum number of bird species in 24 hours.


This year is the third edition and to be held on 13 May. There are already hundreds of teams targeted for this event around the planet. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology from the North American University of Cornell promotes it.

European Turtle Dove / Streptopelia turtur

In the 2016 edition more than 6,300 bird species were recorded thanks to the contributions of more than 17,000 birders. Here, all necessary information is provided.

Rock Bunting / Emberiza cia

It should be noted that just in May the conditions to watch birds in Galicia are excellent. All the summer species are already with us and many others are still migrating towards the north, therefore the figures that we can reach in this day may be some of the highest of the year.

Iberian Chiffchaff / Phylloscopus ibericus

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The “Global Big Day”