Bono IacobusThe Fisterra-Muxía way is the only route that begins in Compostela.

Though the Way as we know it ends in the city of Santiago, pilgrimage is not over in Compostela. Since ancient times all nations and travellers who came to this western corner of Europe felt the need to follow the sun and reach this land’s end in order to see the immensity of infinity and the sun sinking into the ocean. In the beginning some pilgrims decided to continue their pilgrimage to the coast (Costa da Morte), the end of the world knowm till then and making the last stretch of their trip a route marked by the Milky Way.

Day 1

Santiago de Compostela / Ponte Maceira - Stage 1 (17.3 km)

Walkers leave from the Praza do Obradoiro by the wonderful cathedral. The route goes through the Carballeira de San Lourenzo, just by the old monastery of San Lourenzo de Trasouto, and continues through Augapesada with its medieval bridge, Alto do Mar de Ovellas, Ponte Maceira its great 13th century bridge and its mills.

Perfil Santiago Ponte Maceira

Casa Perfeuto María
Ames / Stage 1

Casa Perfeuto María The house was built in 1868 and renovated in 2002. One can enjoy its peace and quiet, its great home dinners, as well as nice places to talk or walk around the house and the field.

Day 2

Ponte Maceira  / Marco do Cornado - Stage 2 (20 km)

We leave Ponte Maceira and continue through Negreira (Pazo de Cotón and the Church of San Mauro) to arrive at A Pena. We go on walking to reach the village of Piaxe, and following the path through Cornovo, we later go over the "rego of Foxan" (stream) and cross Vilaserío until the end of the journey in Marco do Cornado.

Perfil Ponte Maceira Marco do Cornado

Casa Perfeuto María
Outes / Stage 2

Casa Perfeuto María The house was built in 1868 and renovated in 2002. One can enjoy its peace and quiet, its great home dinners, as well as nice places to talk or walk around the house and the field.

Day 3

Marco do Cornado / Marco do Couto - Stage 3 (25.3 Km)

The day begins in Marco do Cornado and continues through Santa Mariña das Maroñas with its Romanesque church and its hórreos (granaries). The route continues through Bon Xesús, Vilar de Castro, travelling up mount Aro, where there is an old Celtic settlement and a wonderful view. The route extends to Olveiroa, where on the walls of several houses down this road one can still see some small stands that lead to the beehives that are kept inside the houses. The stage goes on to Hospital do Logoso that in the past had a hostel for pilgrims. Little after you will find a crossroad leading to Fisterra, this road drives to  Marco do Couto to finish the route.

Perfil Marco do Cornado Marco do Couto

Casa de Santa Uxía
Dumbría / Stage 3

Casa Santa Uxía This recently restored ancient farm house constructed at the beginning of the 20th century, enjoys a privileged location by the bank of Santa Uxía’s reservoir. From the close viewing point of the Ézaro you will be able to see a spectacular landscape of the Galician coastline.

Day 4

Marco do Couto / Cabo Fisterra - Stage 4 (25.9 Km)

We leave Marco do Couto to find the sanctuaries of Nosa Señora das Neves and San Pedro Mártir, each with its holy spring. The road then reaches villages of Cee, Corcubión (listed as a historical and artistic site) and Sardiñeiro. The day ends in Fisterra.

Perfil Marco do Cornado Marco do Couto

Prado da Viña
Fisterra / Stage 4

Prado da viña This establishment is situated in an ideal observation post looking at the estuary of Fisterra. Its sunsets, marvelous dusks and its charm, will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

Day 5

Fisterra  / Lires – Stage 5 (15.3 km)

The starting point is the church of Santa María das Areas and its Gothi cross, next passing through the village of FisterraVal de Duio, Suarriba, Castrexe, Padrís, Canosa and finally, Lires.

Perfil Santa Maria das Areas - Lires

Cabañas de Lires
Cee / Stage 5

Cabanas de Lires Its natural environment is admired by those who come. This is a place one can fall in love with due to its people, its landscape and its food and culture.
Other alternative: Casa Jesús.

Day 6

Lires / Muxía - Stage 6 (15.3 km)

The departing point is now Lires. From Lires, one travels to Vaosilveiro, Frixe, Guisamonde, Morquintián, Monte Facho, Praia de Lourido, the village of Muxía and ends in the sanctuary of Nosa Señora da Barca and its holy stones: the “rocking stone” and the “kidney stone”.

Perfil Lires Muxía

Casa de Trillo
Muxía / Etapa 6

Casa de Trillo Located in Santa Mariña, in the heart of the rural lands, this place has preserved the taste of tradition in harmony with an amazing landscape.


With your BONO IACOBUS you only have to walk, feel and rest-time is ensured.. The route has 119 Km. and it can be accomplished in 6 days. At the end of each day the traveller can be picked up by the road and taken by car to a rural house where they can stay overnight after a home meal made with local products.

In the morning, after a filling breakfast, the pilgrim can once again be taken by car to the beginning of the route for the day.

Optional services:

  • Picnic lunch for each day’s journey.
  • Taxi luggage transfer service.

Price (dinner and breakfast included)

  • 1 Person (single room) 620 € (VAT included)
  • 2 Persons (double room) 960 € (VAT included)

The BONO IACOBUS can be reserved all year long except Easter and the month of August either individually, for couples or groups. For further information about the BONO IACOBUS please call us on (+34) 902 190 160 / +34 981 568 521 or send us an e-mail:

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How to return

  • Transfer Muxía – Santiago de Compostela by bus daily; ; journey takes approximately two hours. Timetable: Monday to Friday: 6:45 and 14:30 – Saturdays and bank holidays: 07:30 and 14:30 – Sundays: 07:30 and 18:45.
    • Bus company: Hermanos Ferrín, S.L. (HEFESL) – Tel.: +34 981 873 643
    • Santiago Bus Station: C/ San Caetano, s/n – Tel: +34 981 542 416 - Web:

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