• Using a helmet is compulsory.
  • Don’t forget to check the bike’s condition.
  • Find out about the route’s technical aspects and the day’s weather forecast.
  • Select the appropriate itinerary based on your physical and technical abilities.
  • It is important to have insurance when cycling. Get your licence processed at the Federación Galega de Ciclismo.
  • Always carry water, warm clothes, a repair kit and a properly charged mobile phone.
  • Be environmentally friendly. Try not to disturb the wildlife or damage the vegetation. Respect private areas.
  • The area you are going to move about is open. People move freely and it is the scene of many activities (sports, forestry, livestock, and agriculture). You should maintain an understanding, prudent, responsible and respectful attitude.
  • Any activity done in a natural environment involves risks that are not always controllable.
  • It is your responsibility to calculate the hazards associated with the route and the current weather.
  • Bikes and helmets may be rented at the reception points, in the event you need extra supplies.
  • Either tell the reception point or a relative what route you’re going to take.
  • The routes’ designs allow you to link up several together and design a tailor-made route.
  • You can download the routes’ tracks on the  website.
  • You can maintain the mountain bike centre by notifying those in charge of the reception point or information points of any incidents regarding the conditions of and signs along the paths.
  • You must obey the signs along the route, give priority to pedestrians and comply with the general traffic rules.
  • In the absence of signs indicating where to follow at crossings, ride on the road with preference.
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