Hidden Heritage

Getting to know the Galicia's Hidden Heritage is the best way to come close to unlocking the secret that this land so jealously guards.

As an idea, Galicia is associated with greenness, with water, a raging sea, the sound of bagpipes and some heritage assets as well-known as the Cathedral of Santiago, the Tower of Hércules or the Wall of Lugo.

But Galicia offers much more to be discovered, as it is a land of villages, each with its own treasures, both artistic and ethnographic: small churches (many of them Romanesque jewels) belonging to old monasteries in the most remote of rural landscapes; fields and mills that seem to be frozen in time; fortified pre-Roman Iron Age villages and petroglyphs that fuel our imagination of the lives of our earliest ancestors; castles and fortresses – still standing – that transport us to the magnificence of the past. 

Lose yourself in the Ribeira Sacra or in O Ribeiro and discover one part of their religious heritage, which is immense; visit some of the largest groups of granaries in Galicia; take a leap in time and visit fortified pre-Roman Iron Age villages or dolmens as impressive as those of Santa Trega or Dombate...

This is but a small sample of what there is to discover in Galicia. Why don't you try to unravel its secret?

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