The lamprey is a fish which has inhabited the rivers of Galicia for more than 500 millions years. Known as the "vampire of the water" or the "queen of the river", the lamprey is one of the earliest vertebrates on earth of which we have evidence.

It has lived on the planet since before the existence of the human species, even before the dinosaurs.

The international fame enjoyed by the lamprey can be attributed not only to the quality of the product, but also the artisanal fishing methods used to catch it. Depending on the river and the location along its course, different  shing techniques are used. These include "pesqueiras", "rodeiros", "gamelas" and "estacadas". A range of fishing tackle is associated with them, including "butrones", "cangallas", nets, nasas and fisgas. Immerse yourself in this world and learn all about the methods used in each situation!

Recommended Routes

  • Tambre
    • "Rodeiros" on the Tambre
  • Ulla
    • The "pesqueiras" of O Xirimbao
    • Lamprey and Padrón peppers
    • "Baleiros" on the Ulla
  • Miño:
    • Crecente, overlooking the Miño
    • Lampreys and "pesqueiras" in Arbo
    • Arbo, water and magical stone
    • As Neves, Condado's sunny spot
    • Salvaterra, a garden on the Miño
    • "Estacadas" on the Tea River
    • Lamprey  shing along the final stretch of the Miño