A Coruña, Ares e Betanzos, Ferrol, Cedeira and Ortigueira... These are the estuaries of northern Galicia that overlook the Atlantic. A world to discover, grouped into two broad areas: A Coruña e As Mariñas -urban and worldly-, and Ferrolterra, enlightened and with a wild side.

A Coruña is a city for strolling, in which one must not miss the museums nor, of course, the Roman lighthouse of the Torre Hércules, World Heritage Site. Betanzos will amaze you with the grandeur of its historic centre. And on the Route of the Camelia, the Manor House of Mariñán, with its gardens at the edge of the sea.

Ferrolterra has some of the best preserved areas of Galicia, with many spots virtually untouched. Among them, Estaca de Bares, one of the best birding spots in Europe, or the area around the shrine of St. André de Teixido,  in the middle of the Serra da Capelada. And although this is an area of rugged coastline and cliffs, the sea takes a breather here, forming splendid sandy beaches such as Morouzos in Ortigueira and Vilarrube in Cedeira.

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