The geo-destination, Ría de Muros e Noia, contains the municipalities:  Muros, Outes, Noia, Lousame and Porto do Son. Muros to the north and Noia  to the east are the capitals of this quiet and beautiful river. Competing in attractions, both have an Old Town declared to be a Historic/Artistic Complex.

A city centre that speaks of a noble past linked to sea and stone.

Muros  is an unexpected mix of popular and elegant architecture. In its squares, streets, arches and arcades, old fishermen's houses coexist with Gothic mansions. Noia amazes with its noble houses, magnificent public buildings and its numerous churches and chapels... Like "a small Compostela".  The estuary offers many beaches – most of spanking white sand – such as those of Ancoradoiro, San Francisco, Aguieira, As Furnas and Basoñas. There are also important archaeological remains and fortified pre-Roman Iron Age villages – such as the one in Baroña, adjacent to the sea and a wonderful beach.