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Price: 49
Duration: 2
Admission: Two-day package to discover, from Cape Ortegal and Estaca de Bares, the pleasant coast of the estuary of Ortigueira and the wild coast of Loiba, famous for its cliffs that command Cape Ortegal and that are full of secrets such as the Pena Furada (rock with a hole) or the algueiras (women who harvest seaweed).
Name: Don?t stop until you get to Bares



Breakfast and departure to O Barqueiro, one of the most beautiful ports of the Rías Altas. We recommend that you visit the cliffs of Estaca, the Bares Traffic Light (today a Nature Hotel), a chain of mills (some restored) that use the cliffs’ slope to add force to the water, and a bird sighting point. And finally, the Phoenician port of Bares with its scallop shaped beach and emerald green waters, and a spectacular slope that leads down to the town. If you would like to spend the afternoon at the beach, we can book a table for you in Bares, but if you would rather use the afternoon to go on a rigid-inflatable boat trip or canoeing to discover the quartz caves of O Vicedo (needs to be done at low tide) or the riverbanks of the Sor (preferably at high tide), we can book a table for you at O Barqueiro. The menu is the same: lobster and rice stew. Remember that booking in advance is essential.
Label: Day 2

The order of the itinerary will depend on the low tide to take the Seaweed Trail. We head towards Cariño, a seaside town that we soon leave behind to continue towards Cape Ortegal. The small white chapel that we see on the right is the chapel of San Xiao de Trebo (Saint Julian of Trebo), and, at the end of the road, Os Aguillóns de Cabo Ortegal, spiky rocks against which the sea beats violently. We return through Cariño, Ponte de Mera and Ortigueira towards Loiba. Our guide for the Seaweed Trail will lead us along 12 km of coast and steep slopes (there and back), along the paths used by barnacle gatherer and carts to enter the beaches of Sarridal, with Pena Furada, Fábrega, Os Castros, Gaivoteira and Picón. If we are lucky we will share a working day with the “algueiras” (women who harvest seaweed) and their donkeys loaded with seaweed (on weekdays and on specific seasons). To end the day we can book a table for you at the Restaurante Orillamar in Espasante: a helping of sea urchin, algae and egg sauté tastes even better after the long hike. We will provide you with instructions so that you may find your chosen accommodation.
Label: Day 1


Travel assistance insurance
VAT included
Trip on rigid-inflatable boat along the estuary of O Barqueiro for 3 to 4 persons 18€

Guided kayaking tour to the Quartz Caves and riverside of the Sor 23€
1 night B&B at any of the following hotels: Hotel de Natureza Miranda (Cariño), Hotel de Natureza Castaño Dormilón (Ortigueira), Casa Rural Penaquente (Espasante), Casa Rural O Vilar (Ortigueira) or Casa Rural Muíño das Cañotas (Cariño).

Guided Seaweed Trail (3-4 hours).

Bookings at recommended restaurants.


Profile tourist: Family | Group
Experiences: Lighthouses and Wild Beaches
Theme: Outdoor activities | Dining | Nature



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Mail of reservation/consult: info@dmcgalicia.es
URL booking: http://www.dmcgalicia.es

Specific conditions

Specific conditions:
Hotel Cabo Ortegal
    -Low season 49€
    -High season 60€

HN A Miranda
    - Low season 68€
    - High season 79€

HN Castaño Dormilón
    - Low season 65€
    - High season 72€

CR Penaquente
    - Low season 62€
    - High season 69€

CR O Vilar
    - Low season 56€
    - High season 63€

CR Muíño das Cañotas
    - Low season 54€
    - High season 60€


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