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Price: 99
Duration: 3
Admission: Weekend package to enjoy the cliffs and sunsets between Cape Ortegal and Estaca de Bares. To do so, with strategic accommodation just a few metres away from the Cerdido train stop, we will board the train and end up sitting on the “best bench in the world”.
Name: Train tour along the north of Galicia



After breakfast, we take the train towards O Barqueiro. From the stop we go down to the port to begin the activity that is included in this package. The more laid back visitors may enjoy a ride on a rigid-inflatable boat and the more adventurous and fit can go on a guided kayaking tour (2 hours). During high tide we sail along the narrow canals of the Sor riverside, that are full of vegetation and, during low tide we visit the beaches and quartz caves of O Vicedo, although we can also sail to the Bares beach and fishing port on the crystal clear waters of the Cantabrian sea, sheltered by the cape of Estaca de Bares. As a reward, you can enjoy a delicious lobster and rice stew at one of the O Barqueiro port restaurants, but remember to book in advance. Train back to the hotel (40 min) at two possible times. Forecasted FEVE schedule: Cerdido 11:18 – O Barqueiro 11:59, O Barqueiro 16:10 or 19:41 – Cerdido 16:53 or 20:24 h.
Label: Day 3

Hearty homemade breakfast. We take the train towards Ortigueira and enjoy the loveliest stretch of the whole journey: passing Mera it feels is as if the train were sailing on the water, for during high tide the tracks are practically at the same level as the sea. In Ortigueira, in addition to visiting its old quarter, we can also visit the port, where it is possible to catch a glimpse of otters and walk to the wild beach of Morouzos (5 km there and back). You can wait for the train in Ortigueira or take a taxi to the Port of Espasante (8 km) to discover another attractive sea port that is famous for the seafood offered at various restaurants with views to the sea. It is essential to book a table in advance during the high season. Our route continues in the afternoon to the train stop in Loiba, where our guide will be expecting you to take you on a route along the Loiba cliffs: we will go towards the “best bench in the world” overlooking the “aguillóns” of Cabo Ortegal, those islets with sharp pointy rocks that crown the cape, and we will also see a tiny jetty between the rocky cliffs that is witness to the sea’s roughness. The distance there and back is of 6 km, with an average difficulty (3 hours). Train back to the hotel. Accommodation. Forecasted FEVE schedule: Cerdido 11:18 – Ortigueira 11:41, Ortigueira 16:31 or Espasante 16:36 – Loiba 16:43, Loiba 19:47 – Cerdido 20:24 h.
Label: Day 2

Arrival and accommodation in Cerdido. We can soak in the heated swimming pool or, if we have some extra time, take a lovely horseback ride along the riverside. Just a 10 minute train ride from the Hotel leaves us at the Granxa do Souto riding stables, whose expert monitors will take you on a trail along the river Mera (90 min). Return to the hotel where you can dine à la carte and enjoy the accommodation. FEVE (narrow-gauge railway) schedule: Cerdido 16:06 – Ponte Mera 16:21 and Ponte Mera 20:08 – Cerdido 20:24.
Label: Day 1


Travel assistance insurance
VAT included
Excludes: Guided horseback riding trail along the Mera riverside (90 min.), that includes one monitor for every 3-4 persons - 35€.
2 nights B&B.

Information regarding FEVE train schedules and itineraries.

One guided walking trail along the Loiba cliffs to see the “best bench in the world”.

One guided rigid-inflatable boat tour or guided kayaking trip along the estuary of O Barqueiro.


Profile tourist: Family | Group
Experiences: Lighthouses and Wild Beaches
Theme: Outdoor activities | Nature



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Mail of reservation/consult: info@dmcgalicia.es
URL booking: http://www.dmcgalicia.es

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Specific conditions:
HN Via Láctea
- Low season 99€
- High season 119€

Children aged 2 to 12 sharing a room with 2 adults
- Low season 89€
- High season 95€


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