On the Way of St. James


A Fonsagrada - Lugo

43º 13' 34.6" N - 7º 05' 02.2" W


North of the municipality of A Fonsagrada you will find two of the most interesting trails in Galicia: PR-G 139 and PR-G 140, which are connected. They are notable for the quality of the paths opened solely for the purpose of reaching inaccessible areas of the Río Eo, Oscos e Terras de Burón Biosphere Reserve.

PR-G 139 runs along paths and age-old byways that represent a return to the past, filled with ethnographic and cultural features: mills, “corripas” (circular structures used to store chestnuts), sawmills, and more. The trailhead is in the village of Vilardíaz, the highest point on the route. From here the trail descends northwest to the Logares River valley, surrounded by a thick deciduous forest. The magnificent specimens of yew trees along the trail through San Martín de Robledo stand out amongst the great natural diversity.

The only two buildings in this village, a church and a parsonage adorned with coats of arms, are sure to get your attention. If you follow the derivation to the village of Romeán, at the foot of the “castro” (pre-Roman fortified settlement) of the same name, you will see an “hórreo” (raised granary), a typical sight in this area.

The trail continues parallel to the river, following the meanders, which create lovely waterfalls. The daring design of the route offers fabulous views of the river from different heights, all maintained to ensure the safety of walkers.

Follow the trail away from the river, beginning the ascent back to Vilardíaz. The path zigzags up the mountain, offering spectacular views of the Veiga River valley

The Ways of St. James

The Primitive Camino


11 km. (The main route is 10.6 km and the derivation is 400 m out and back)

Point of Departure / Arrival

Vilardíaz School (Concello da Fonsagrada).
UTM:29T X: 655600 Y: 4787716


Lugar de Vilardíaz, Iglesia de San Martín de Robledo, Lugar de Romeán, A Foz da Pinguela, Lugar de Vilardíaz.




2 hours and 45 minutes.


In A Fonsagrada


Effort M.I.D.E.:
Itinerary M.I.D.E.:
Displacement M.I.D.E.:
Enviroment M.I.D.E.:

Bicycle access

Partially suitable

Horse access

Partially suitable

cartography I.G.N. (1:25:000)

49-III Maderne.

Further information

Concello da Fonsagrada
Tel.: 982 340 000

J Taboada (Técnico homologador de sendeiros)
Tel.: 626 835 030

Altitudinal profile

Minimum height above sea level: 398 m.
Maximum height above sea level: 637 m.
Cumulative elevation loss: 681 m.
Cumulative elevation gain: 681 m.
Trail elevation profile

Kind of route

Small travel


Natural interest
Scenic interest

Connections with other trails


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