On the Way of St. James


Parish: Covas (San Martiño)

Place: A Aldea

15594  Ferrol - A Coruña

43º 34' 03.1" N - 8º 18' 52.0" W


The parish of Covas comprises a beautiful spot created by nature itself: Cape Prior, formed by a spit of land about 1.75 km. wide that stretches out to sea, with the altitude of the isthmus rising progressively up to 171 metres at the end of the cape (from where it drops abruptly to the sea), and where a lighthouse has been active since 1853. On this same site, up to a very few years ago, there was a military post, of which only its infrastructures now remain. The main feature here is the splendid landscape to be seen from this point.


From Ferrol, towards Canido, take the turn-off to Cobas. Without leaving this road, we go through Serantes, 8 km.from Ferrol and arrive in the town of Covas, follow this road as far as a turn-off to the right, which leads to the lighthouse.

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