Brión - A Coruña

42º 54' 03.2" N - 8º 44' 00.4" W

The Walk

O pozo Negro Waterfall
The hidden waterfall in the Tambre River

This route is part of a longer one that crosses the Brión area. We will follow the orange waymarks leaving from the recreational area of ponte das Pías, where we will find facilities for canoeing in the waters of the Tambre River. There is an information panel with the route to follow.

The first stretch takes us through a beautiful oak grove that protects us from the heat on sunny days, until we reach a crossroads where we turn right to find the village of Ons de Abaixo. Here we will see several ethnographic samples, such as hórreos (raised granaries), a wash house and a fountain. We will cross the place to follow a signposted trail that marks the path to pozo Negro.

A steep descent surrounded by oaks and other native trees leads us to the waterfall, in a beautiful environment. We cross a small wooden bridge and the path follows the banks of the Tambre River until we reach the socalled costa dos muíños (mills’ ascent), which will take us to the crossroads we saw on the way out. Here we return to ponte das Pías where we finish this circular route.


Length: 5 km (circular)
starting point: Ponte das Pías (42°54'01.65''N / 8°43'58.13''W)
End Point : Ponte das Pías (42°54'01.65''N / 8°43'58.13''W)
Circular walk

Accessibility to consider

Slippery terrain areas
Steep slopes


Discovering waterfalls
Initial pickup date: 01/01/2021
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