On the Way of St. James


Praza Campo da Compañía 2

27400  Monforte de Lemos - Lugo

42º 31' 05.9" N - 7º 31' 00.9" W
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Also known as the Cardinal Rodrigo de Castro School, after its founder, over the door there is a Latin inscription that reads: "Rodrigo de Castro, Cardinal Archbishop of Seville , donates to the Company of Jesus, for the use of young people, a temple and school dedicated to the Virgin Mary". Its construction was initiated in 1593, the project being entrusted to several Jesuit architects, and it was not completed until 1913, three centuries later.
It belongs to the so-called Herrera Renaissance style. Its lines and large size (it is 110 metres long) are reminiscent of El Escorial Monastery. Its façade is symmetric and monumental. The layout of the stairway at the entrance is particularly interesting, as it appears to have no points of support, whilst the steps are constructed from a single piece of granite. It has two Neoclassical cloisters. On the walls we can see the coats of arms of the Cardinal, the Counts of Lemos, the House of Alba and the Escolapians, who were responsible for completing the construction.
The church, with its Latin Cross layout, is made up of a central nave and two lateral naves which are interconnected. The dome shows signs of the damage caused by the Lisbon earthquake of 1755. The temple contains the sepulchre and a statue of the founder, sculpted in bronze by the Italian artist Juan de Bolonia.
One of the main attractions of the School's church is the Baroque altarpiece by Francisco Moure, initiated in 1625. Carved in walnut wood, it represents six scenes from the life of Jesus, as well Our Lady of La Antigua and Saint Ignatius of Loyola. It has two plinths or bases and three overlapping sections. Each level is divided into three by Corinthian columns. It is an impressive ensemble, conscientiously decorated and exceptionally valuable.
The School's museum, the former vestry, preserves paintings, amongst others, by El Greco and Andrea del Sarto. Works by the former include "Saint Lawrence" and "Saint Francis", whilst the second is the author of "Saint Margaret of Cortona", "Saint Inez", "Saint Catherine of Alexandria", "Saint Peter" and "Saint John the Baptist". Furthermore, the museum also houses personal objects and books that belonged to the Cardinal.

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