Tourist Interest
Dates of celebration: 14/07 - 16/07


Parish: Esteiro (Santa Mariña)

Muros - A Coruña

42º 47' 30.9" N - 8º 58' 31.9" W


The Gran Prix de Carrilanas de Esteiro fuses tradition with speed, culture with leisure, and craftsmanship with spectacle. This is the authentic Galician Formula 1. 
The carrilana, or the soap-box car, went from being a traditional post-war toy to becoming a unique racing car in the world made of wood for both children and adults. The tradition of Esteiro's artisans has led the people of the village of Esteiro to take care of these engineless works of art since 1988. The Ramiro García "Gerente" circuit runs downhill along the O Maio street for 3 km for the enjoyment of the 30,000 people who visit Esteiro every third Sunday in July. 
A unique leisure alternative, framed in a maritime environment of quiet beaches (with free camping areas) and green areas, perfectly integrated into the spaces of the event.
Exhibitions, music, gastronomy, children's areas, camping areas... as well as other activities that make up a programme for all audiences such as the Festival das Carrilanas and the Proxecto Sentir a Carrilana [Feel the Carrilana Project] for visually impaired children. A non-profit event that offers free access to all its programming, aiming only to show and share with the world the values of the carrilana as a cultural, social and economic engine of the town of Esteiro. 

Alongside this unique competition of wooden racing cars, you can also visit the Museo das Carrilanas.

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