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Dates of celebration: 01/08 - 04/08


Parish: Buño (Santo Estevo)

Malpica de Bergantiños - A Coruña

43º 16' 22.0" N - 8º 46' 48.9" W


Buño is nowadays the largest pottery center in Galicia, with about twenty men and women dedicated to this trade that has made the town famous since long ago. Some of them represent the more traditional pottery trade, with their games of queimada, cups, and viradeiras, and others drink from it and recreate new proposals. Some of them have spent a lifetime cultivating traditional shapes and colors in pieces of singular beauty and perfect finishing, with white clay as the only decorative argument, and others are young potters who make their way with modern-style pieces. Some work with black pieces (fired in a wood-fired kiln), and some apply bright blues and yellows, horizontal stripes, or enamels to their creations. Some are rooted in the pottery tradition with their earthy and warm colors in pieces of ancestral origin, and some opened innovative creative and commercial lines with stylized dolls or wine and coffee sets in bright colors.
All this explosion of proposals, traditional and avant-garde, in which different personalities, delicate creativity, and great mastery of the trade are perceived, is the subject of the Mostra de Olería de Buño, which constitutes an interesting mix between tradition and contemporary. On the occasion of the Mostra, a complete program of activities for children, exhibitions, live shows, theatrical performances, gastronomic days and tourist routes organized over ten days.

Not to be missed:
Pottery exhibitions at Casa do Oleiro and traditional cooking at Forno do Forte.

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