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Dates of celebration: 22/03 - 24/03


Sober - Lugo

42º 27' 39.9" N - 7º 35' 13.9" W


The fairground, in the Praza do Concello, is filled with the music of the band Sober, one of the oldest in Galicia, with 130 years of history, and one of the symbols of this town in Lugo, to liven up this great convention dedicated to wine from Amandi (subzone of the DO Ribeira Sacra). The fair also serves as an excuse to showcase the environment of the area and its way of life, focused on viticulture, but also on pottery, with the neighbouring parish of Gundivós as a producer. Just seeing the craft stalls at the fair is enough to see the importance of the pieces of this ancient pottery for its utility in vine-growing work.

Amandi's winemakers sell hundreds of bottles of their Mencía wine here, the flagship of Galician reds, and visitors have the opportunity to taste them along with other excellent products, also on sale, such as cheeses and bread, honey from the Ribeira Sacra and Millán's sweet roscas de dulce pastries, the latter highly appreciated for their quality and increasingly in demand.

The fair brings together thousands of people and highlights the importance of the wine industry in the area, as well as the impact and prestige of a wine that, according to legend, was brought to Caesar's Rome and has been cultivated since the monastic orders settled in the Ribeira Sacra, on terraces along the steep slopes of the Sil canyons. The orography makes it very difficult to work on the vines, which is why this viticulture is called “heroic”.

Not to be missed: 
The Gundivós pottery stalls, very distinct for its black finish.

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