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The Essentials

Discover the essentials and become an expert in Galicia.

Cities of Galicia

Are you fascinated by architecture, museums, culture, bars, pavement cafés and night life?

The seven Galician cities are splendidly well connected to each other and offer you everything you desire.

Estuaries and beaches

Galicia's estuaries, long inlets that penetrate into the land, define the landscape and also, to a certain extent, the spirit of the people.

Tourist Areas

From north to south, from east to west, enjoy the full extent of Galicia.

Natural spaces

Everything you could possibly desire: lagoons, crystal-clear rivers, majestic waterfalls hidden deep inside virgin forest, and oceans teeming with life.

If, like they say, everyone chooses their destination, in Galicia there is a destination made to your measure. Do you like art or culture? Or are you the adventurous type that prefers nature? Perhaps you would like to relax in a spa and taste the best seafood in the world. In Galicia there is all this and much more.

There are Cities that are comfortable to visit, thriving and full of history. And there are estuaries and beachesnatural areas, places that are perfect for a sightseeing tour. And there are the essentials, those things that make Galicia a unique place in the world.

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