Pontevedra is the capital of the Rías Baixas. A majestic city overflowing with life and pavement cafés, and which boasts Galicia's second most important historic quarter, after Santiago's. It also has other attractions such as the Church of Santa María, the Church of San Bartolomé or the Museum of Pontevedra, one of Spain's best provincial museums. The north shore of the estuary offers the festive atmosphere of Sanxenxo and Portonovo.

The medieval Monastery of Poio, or the famous granaries of Combarro seem to come out of the sea. By the south shore, the seaside and relaxed atmospheres of  Marín, Bueu, Aldán or O Hío, with its spectacular Baroque "cruceiro" (stone cross).

And Pontevedra's famous beaches: A Lanzada, Montalvo, Silgar, Areas, Mogor, Aguete, Lapamán, Portomaior, Menduíña, Pinténs...And watching over the mouth of the estuary, the island of Ons, national park.

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