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A Coruña

A Capela | As Pontes de García Rodríguez | As Somozas | Moeche | Narón | Neda | San Sadurniño

43º 29' 37.6" N - 8º 04' 15.6" W


This protected area takes in two different natural spaces. On the one hand, the stretch of the Río Grande de Xuvia with its tributary the Castro; on the other, the mountain range of Forgoselo.
The old flour factory and mill of the Xuvia bridge signals the mouth of the river at the back of the Ría de Ferrol, between the municipalities of Narón and Neda. In its short river course it crosses damp valleys like that of Moeche, which has a famous restored castle, and San Sadurniño where the colour green triumphs in the landscape. It also receives the contribution of the river Castro, which reflects the hill where the Naraío Tower is located.
The O Forgoselo mountain range is outstanding, with its gently undulating forms which are about 500 metres high. The orography and abundant rains favour the formation of very interesting wetlands and their typical vegetation, such as the Veiga das Lagoas.


Turnoff to the river in Naraío or Moeche on the road between Neda and San Sadurniño.

The Ways of St. James

The English Camino


Municipalities of A Capela, Moeche, Narón, Neda, San Sadurniño, As Somozas and As Pontes de García Rodríguez, in the province of A Coruña.


1.985,91 hectares


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