On the Way of St. James


Parish: San Martín de Suarna (San Martín)

A Fonsagrada - Lugo

43º 05' 42.5" N - 7º 02' 45.0" W


Take the LU-721 road from A Fonsagrada towards the Lamas river valley. Before you reach Vilagocende there is a small car park to the left where you can park up before continuing on foot down the path to the right. The just under 1km trail to the waterfall passes through an area of native riverside forest, with oak, birch, and alder trees, which does not give any indication of the pleasant surprise to be found when you come to the foot of the spectacular seimeira, as waterfalls in this area are known as. At the end of the path, you can take in the Porteliña river flowing in all its glory, which forms this 54m-high waterfall that is held to be the highest plunge waterfall in Galicia.

A wooden walkway at the foot of the seimeira takes you a little closer to the waterfall. 

The Ways of St. James

The Primitive Camino
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