On the Way of St. James


A Guarda - Pontevedra

41º 53' 40.1" N - 8º 52' 09.4" W
41º 53' 46.6" N - 8º 51' 57.0" W


A little network of trails that allows us to walk up and discover Mount Santa Trega in depth. The main route, known as the Volta Promonte (PR-G 122), on the top of the mountain, is accompanied by other smaller trails known as Camiño de Citania (1), Atalla Vello (2), Camiño da Fonte da Cal (3), Camiño do Concheiro (4), Camiño do Carro e da Cruz do Home (5) and the Camiño das 14 revoltas (6).
You can choose from several combinations; it is possible to start the journey in A Guarda from the neighbourhood of A Cruzada, either from the parish of Camposancos or from the highest point on the mountain that houses the Visitors’ Centre and other services for hikers.
This set of pathways provides us with a geographical area of exceptional beauty, with endless views over the River Miño, its mouth and the Atlantic Ocean – it is a unique viewpoint.
Each pathway maintains its own identity and proposes routes to visit places like the Santa Trega Hill Fort, the Ares Viewpoint, A Pedra Furada and A Cruz do Home, among others.
The series of services located on Santa Trega, with a car park and catering, among others, are the perfect combination to plan a whole day of enjoyment in outstanding surroundings.


From the centre of A Guarda head for La Alameda, pass the Cultural Centre and take the road up the hill until you come to the starting and finishing point of the route.

The Ways of St. James

Portiguese Route by coast

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Santa Trega Hill Fort

Monte Santa Trega Hill Fort. At a height of 326 metres and almost at the summit of the mountain, this settlement dating from the 1st century BC is an example of the strategic type with its defenses in the mouth of the River Miño and the proximity of crop fields and pasture for livestock.
It was declared a National Historical and Artistic Monument in 1931 and only a small part of the site has been excavated.
It is one of the most advanced hill forts in the peninsula and even has a restored house. Highlights include the composition and zoning of the streets and its water channelling system. The houses are grouped into districts of eight houses with a fortification around the whole. Circular constructions predominate, in many cases with an entrance hall, but there are also oval and square constructions.
There is also a small museum which exhibits pieces from the excavation.


7,7 km (The main route is 1.9 km and the other routes 5.8 km)

Point of Departure / Arrival

Point of arrival: O Trega Forest House (A Guarda) - UTM:29T X:510914 Y:4637955
Starting point: Areses Viewpoint (A Guarda) - UTM:29T X:510964 Y:4638267


Areses viewpoint, Santa Trega Hill Fort, O Trega Forest House.




40 minutes for the main route and 2 hours for the other routes.


On top of Mount Santa Trega.


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cartography I.G.N. (1:25:000)

298-IV A Guarda.

Further information

Concello da Guarda
Tel.: 986 610 000

Federación Galega de Montañismo
Tel.: 986 208 758 / Fax: 986 207 407

Segatur (Sendeiros de Galicia para o Turismo Rural S.L.)
Tel. 654 165 730 / 886 117 011

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