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Dates of celebration: 06/08 - 06/08


Parish: Seoane do Courel (San Xoán)

Place: Seoane do Courel

Folgoso do Courel - Lugo

42º 38' 11.0" N - 7º 09' 05.0" W


The musical richness of O Courel comes to life, year after year, on the second Sunday of August in a unique setting where Celtic horn players, old ballads, the songs sung during harvest and other chores, wedding brindeiros, bagpipers and musicians who preserve ancient traditions come together.
Next to the two-hundred-year-old Seoane Smithy, men and women of all ages, many of them spontaneously, sing "a capella" or perform pieces of the oldest tradition with bagpipes, tambourines, drums, bass drums, tabor and some unique percussion instruments that are still preserved in these lands.
Hundreds of people flock to the esplanade of the smithy and enjoy the performances of musicians, poets, brindeiros and regueifeiros from the region and other parts of Galicia. An exhibition of traditional instruments, discography and popular bibliography together with the tasting of wheat bread from Noceda and the exquisite freixós with honey from the beehives of O Courel, among other products of the land, put the icing on the cake to this festival that was born on the initiative of the musicologist Xosé Lois Foxo to recover the enormous musical heritage of O Courel.
The singular manifestation of the living memory of O Courel begins with the setting up of the hundred-year-old mallet and the bellows of the smithy, one of the most important industrial and architectural installations of this type preserved in Western Europe, converted into an authentic ethnographic museum. Then, the call to the Filandón takes place (the name comes from the ancient work of spinning flax  carried out in evening festivals) using the Celtic horn, as the neighbours used to gather. 

Visit inside the two-hundred-year-old Seoane Smithy.

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