and Wild Beaches

If there is a sound in Galicia that never ceases, it is the sea crashing on the rocks, the rough sea on which even the most experienced sailors have lived difficult times, where mermaids once dwelt.

Galician Woodlands

Exploring the woods of Galicia is the best way to get away from it all, leaving your hectic daily life behind to immerse yourself in a soothing, peaceful natural world.


Galicia is the number one hot springs destination in Spain. There are more than 300 hot springs in the region – making it one of the richest in Europe in terms of mineral and hot springs


Getting to know the Galicia's Hidden Heritage is the best way to come close to unlocking the secret that this land so jealously guards.

Galicia Tourist Trains

Leave the car behind and enjoy Galicia.

Discover our tourist trains in Galicia. Attractive proposals give you a different opportunity to discover this singular land.


A network of long-distance cycling routes that connect different corners of the European continent.

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