Waterfalls in Galicia
An invitation to dive into a sensorial poem of outstanding beauty
at the Wheel

In Galicia we can climb the mountains of the Pena Trevinca massif to heights of over 2,000 metres, navigate the gorges of the River Sil or the River Miño, wander along the near deserted beaches of the Costa da Morte, Ortegal and A Mariña Lucense.

Tourist trains 2023

Tourism of Galicia offers you a fascinating jorney on our tourist trains


The route of the

Galicia boasts the perfect conditions for the cultivation of camellias. A humid climate, mild temperatures and acidic, fertile soil cause the spectacular growth of these plants, surprising experts the world over.

Alén do solpor

Discover the last sunset of mainland Europe

Springs and spa tourism

We offer you hot springs and spa tourism so that you can experience Galicia in a totally different way – through its water – combining the best of our land with restful moments in thermal spas and thalassotherapy spas.

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