On the Way of St. James


Oia - Pontevedra

42º 00' 37.0" N - 8º 48' 21.4" W

The Ways of St. James

Portiguese Route by coast

The Walk

Stirrings of the Tamuxe River 
Route of the pozo do Arco

In the parish of Burgueira (Oia), in the O Baixo Miño region, we find this small circular route of just over one kilometre that runs along the banks of the Tamuxe River, also known as the Carballas River

The walk starts from the recreational zone, surrounded by pine trees with benches and a picnic area, from where we can see a wooden bridge that crosses the river. During our tour we will find two restored flour mills, next to which we can see the remains of the millstones that were used to grind the grain. We can also observe how the river descends forming rapids and small waterfalls that give rise to natural pools that are deep enough to take a dip in on hot days. 

A little after the waterfall is the encoro de Vilachán, built in 1993 and located 150 m upstream. Passing the Tamuxe on our right, we descend along a forest trail to get back to the starting point.


Length: 1.1 km
starting point:
Recreational area of the pozo do Arco 42°0'37.09"N / 8°48'21.50"W
Circular walk

Accessibility to consider

Slopes with stairs


On the river bank
Initial pickup date: 01/01/2021
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