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A Coruña

Cariño | Cedeira

43º 43' 24.5" N - 7º 56' 44.9" W


It is very rare for the highest mountain in a range to also form part of a system of coastal cliffs. Vixía de Herbeira, at 615 metres the highest peak of the A Capelada range, is one of the highest cliff faces in continental Europe.

Some of the most spectacular views of Galicia’s northern coast are therefore found at Herbeira, on a stretch of coast facing the Atlantic, running from Cape Ortegal to the tiny cove of Santo André de Teixido.

Feel the strength of the wind, inhale the scent of the sea and watch powerful waves batter the emerald green coast from this vantage point, historically important for coastal surveillance, as witnessed by a structure dating back to 1805, known as the Garita de Herbeira.