Estuaries and beaches


43º 41' 01.5" N - 7º 51' 35.4" W


Between the Estaca de Bares point in the north and cape Ortegal, the northernmost points of the Iberian Peninsula ( the first "in a fine, sharp lance trace" and the second "Ortegal convex", in the words of Otero Pedrayo) opens the broad estuary of Ortigueira and its annexe Ladrido. In front of it, the island of San Vicente.
This arm of sea, a broad fan that enters to the south, seems wedged between the Serra da Capelada in the west and the Serra da Faladoira in the east. To the south the estuary becomes a marsh as we reach the mouth of the Mera and Baleo rivers.
The mild temperatures throughout the year and the abundance of rainfall explain the exuberant vegetation and the wealth of apple trees which, in the Mera sector, becomes its distinguishing mark.
The towns of Ortigueira on the eastern shore and Cariño on the western channel the economic activity of the region. The first, the capital of the former medieval county, is more commercial and tourist; the second, an important port, lives from fishing and its industrial transformation. Alongside these is the port of Espasante, another place where fishing activities are a priority.