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As Nogais | Becerreá

42º 49' 59.6" N - 7º 07' 46.4" W


In the autumn, in contrast, the presence of the perennial oaks is revealed, surrounded by deciduous species. This is one of the star moments of the mature forest that surrounds the high basin of the river Navia and some of its tributaries, between Doncos and Becerreá. The beauty of the place is apparent, even to the travellers that drive rapidly along the highway that crosses this natural space.
In Agüeira we cross an excellent chestnut grove, which tends to become part of a mixed forest of oak trees on high ground. Near Cruzul, close to Becerreá, we will find the strange sight of a Mediterranean holm-oak wood here in this Atlantic domain, in a mountain area. Its presence is associated with a limestone substrata in some specific areas of the valley.
On some stretches the hill walking routes follow the layout of the old paths, also of historical significance. This is the case, for example, of the bridge over the river Cruzul, scene of battles which occurred two hundred years ago, in the War of Independence.


On the A-6 or the N-VI to Becerreá.


In the Os Ancares of Lugo, municipalities of Becerreá and As Nogais.


618.46 hectares


Accommodation and food in nearby villages.
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