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Wine tourism in Galicia on your mobile phone

Promoting wine tourism in Galicia through a mobile application.

Axencia Turismo de Galicia has just designed a new tool for wine promoting wine tourism using the new smartphone technology (for iPhone, Android or Blackberry).

This application is now available for use and can be downloaded with the latest generation of mobile phones. The information is provided in Galician, Spanish and English, and users can choose their preferred language from the first display screen.

The purpose of this tool is to publicise all the establishments included on the wine routes of Galicia :wineries, distilleries, restaurants, hotels, entertainment companies, museums, tourist offices, specialised travel agencies, wine shops etc.

Each of the Galician Denominations of Origin (Monterrei, Valdeorras, Ribeira Sacra, Ribeiro and Rias Baixas) is presented, showing the features of their lands and their wines. The phones' built-in GPS technology lets us find our location and easily head towards the place we want to go, avoiding the difficulties of following signposts in Galicia. It also lets us automatically make a phone call, send an e-mail or access the individual webpage for each resource, in order to get more information.

The different wine tourism service providers are displayed with a small data sheet with contact details, features and photographs, as well as their exact location on interactive maps. Furthermore, the information is updated in real time whenever new information is entered on the Galicia tourism website (www.turgalicia.es), since the application is designed to read the information from institutional databases immediately. This allows continuous updates and lets you enjoy a tool that is easy to use, flexible and able to adapt to the rapidly-changing technology of the tourism sector.

Those interested can find this powerful new tool under the name “Enoturismo Galicia” and download it for free on their devices. With this app, Galicia Tourism has made our region the first to design a comprehensive project to promote the development of our entire wine tourism sector using the latest technology.

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