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  • Marta Pomati...

    Marta Pomati...

    "This time, I'm walking along alone and I'm not well physically, which is why it's so hard for me to walk the Way..."

  • Roger Dubief and Lucie

    Roger Dubief and Lucie...

    "The Way of St. James is a special experience because of what we are, not what we do in life..."

  • David Kurten

    David Kurten...

    "When I walk four or five days, with only my backpack, I feel the peace and quiet of nature..."

  • Gabriela Ayestarán, Pilar Miranda and Andrea Torroba

    Gabriela Ayestarán, Pilar Miranda and Andrea Torroba

    "On the Way you learn a lot and it enables you to distance yourself from life forever. The atmosphere is incredible..."

  • Darvy Scott

    Darvy Scott

    "Walking the Way, I found an inner peace that comes out, and you realise you're completely in agreement with what you're doing..."

  • Adela González, Fernando Piedrafita and Fernandito

    Adela González, Fernando Piedrafita and Fernandito

    "When you get to Santiago, you are happy to have arrived, but you feel sorry because you've finished..."

  • Carlos Calafell Brucart and Carlos

    Carlos Calafell Brucart and Carlos

    "And the first time I did it, I realized what a person can do if you try..."

  • Joaquín Ibáñez

    Joaquín Ibáñez

    "I'm 60 years old, the fatigue takes its toll and my feet hurt, and maybe I'm a bit inconsistent, so I always intend to finish the Camino..."

  • Lidia Cuasés and Antonia Campos

    Lidia Cuasés and Antonia Campos

    "Antonia encouraged me, I got curious and came to see. My intention is to meditate, but it is not easy..."

  • Lola and Javier

    Lola and Javier

    "This time it was an opportunity to learn more about Lola. To live an experience on the edge, but of a certain harshness..."

  • David Domínguez

    David Domínguez

    "There are very hard times, too. Last year my bike broke down three times, and I was on the verge of walking away..."

  • Marie Danielle and Marie Pierre

    Marie Danielle and Marie Pierre

    "The Way is an experience of simplicity and joy, communion with nature and with all the faces or beings that live in my heart..."

St. James Way...

Northern Way

This Northern Route has two options, the main one being that which enters Galicia via Vegadeo. And the other one via the majestic Ribadeo, that together with its historic centre boasts about its monumental Beach of As Catedrais.


Both variants met at Lourenzá to arrive at the monumental city of Mondoñedo, with its old quarter surrounding the cathedral, a synthesis of all the architectural styles. Here are examples of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque, housing one the most important musums of Sacred Art in Spain. Of the town’s early church, the temple of San Martín de Mondoñedo de Foz is still preserved. It possesses a stone altar-piece, the only remaining example of Romanesque style, within a singular nave of the same style. The route later crosses the Terra Chá region, famous for its livestock, cheese and “capons”, and the well-attended fairs held in Vilalba in the shadow of the tower of the Counts of Andrade.

The latter stages of this way crossed prettier lands, via Baamonde and Guitiriz, stopping in Sobrado dos Monxes, a monumental Baroque monastery, today perfectly restored. The delightful Romanesque temple of Santa María de Mezonzo can be visited, dedicated to the author of the Salve Regina and abbot of the monastery, who as Bishop of Santiago saved the remains of the Apostle from Al-Mansur’s armies. Later, after crossing the Bocelo mountains and making a short stop at the pre-Romanesque church of Santo Antoniño de Toques, we join up with the French Way in Arzúa, continuing as one towards Compostela


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