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Dolmen de Dombate


Parish : Borneiro (San Xoán)
Place : Dombate
15119 Cabana de Bergantiños - A Coruña


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Large-sized dolmen that conserves a 4-metre-long corridor, made up of three sections of overlapping orthostats, decreasing in height and size outwards. The entrance was walled up by a vertical slab. Like the rest of the barrows found in Galicia, it had been robbed. The external part of the barrow is outlined by a structure of small stones, fitted together, covering a geometric structure called the circular crown, not the normal crown since it seems not to have covered the whole barrow. Featuring among the objects found are lithic tools (quartz prisms and rock crsytal, stone points, axes), ceramic pieces (fragments of recipients), but especially the art in the dolmen, since it is one of the few cases where the remains of parietal artistic engraving and painting have been found on the orthostats. Its chronology ranges between 2,500 and the 3,000 B.Ch


From Cabana, take the road to Baio. On passing through the parish of Borneiro, there is a turn-off to the right to Dombate. When you arrive in the town, the dolmen can be seen on the left.
Accesibilidad a las Inmediaciones: coche, autobús.Accesibility: pedestrian.

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