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Pazo de Ortigueira (Ribadulla)

"Pazo" (Country House)

On the Camino de Santiago

Parish : Santa Cruz de Ribadulla (Santa Cruz)
Place : Ortigueira
15809 Vedra - A Coruña


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This L-shaped mansion underwent several modifications as of the 15th century. The facade bears the shields of the Mondragón family, and a balcony on the rear part. Tnbe pazo´s history began with the arrival of a member of the family to marry one of the Abraldes daughters. One of their descendants, Andrés Ibáñez Mondragón, received the title of Marquis of Santa Cruz de Ribadulla in 1681, from Charles II. The gardens deserve a special mention, with over 200 flower varieties, many of them ancient, pools, stone benches, . . . and the olive grove path in the shape of a cross. It was here that the renowned politician Jovellanos meditated and drafted his Memorial in defence of the Central Junta. As its basic structure, it has a large rectangular section joined to a narrow corridor that connectas to the church, facing the pazo. The house is from the Baroque period; and the pazo´s most significant artistic feature is the fountain, ornately blazoned, set among the complementart buildings, next to the stables and housekeepers quarters, which appear adjoined to the other side of the courtyard, with the church in the centre. First the Mondragón family, in the 16th century, married to the Abraldes, and then with the Armada family name, which survives here, all gave life to this house, which has one of its greatest attractions in the lush vegetation that surrounds it.


Leaving Santiago in the direction of Ourense via the N-525, we come to Pazo Vista Alegre (Ribadulla) which appears just before crossing the bridge that divides the provinces of A Coruña and Pontevedra. Before coming to the bridge, we turn off to the right via the LC-241 local road. On coming to pink-coloured concrete school, turn to the right.

Distance to cities

A Coruña : 75 Km | Santiago de Compostela : 13 Km | Ferrol : 108 Km | Ourense : 98 Km | Lugo : 120 Km | Vigo : 106 Km | Pontevedra : 72 Km |

Distance to transport

Airport : 23 Km | Train station : 13 Km | Bus station : 13 Km

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