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Castro de Santa Tegra

"Castreña" (walled villages) Culture

On the Camino de Santiago

Parish : A Guarda (Santa María)
Place : Santa Tegra
36780 A Guarda - Pontevedra


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Galician-Roman town whose excavations began in the year 1913. It comprises a major excavated area where the castro habitat can be seen. From an urban point of view, the site includes squares and narrow streets, separating groups of constructions which could be called neighborhoods. Similarly, beside the road leading to the summit, reconstructed homesteads can be seen. Most of these constructions are circular and in many cases, they have lobbies where there are often stone ovens. This type of habitat, plus the different archaeological remains excavated over repeated campaigns carried out, allow us to date the settlement in the 1st century B.C., in the time of Emperor Augustus, abandoned around the end of the Julius-Claudius period, which finished in 68 A.D., therefore making it a castro from the Roman period.

Distance to cities

Ourense : 132 Km | Pontevedra : 75 Km | Vigo : 52 Km | A Coruña : 196 Km | Ferrol : 228 Km | Santiago de Compostela : 134 Km | Lugo : 227 Km |

Distance to transport

Bus station : 52 Km | Airport : 40 Km | Train station : 52 Km

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