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Cabo Touriñán


On the Camino de Santiago

Parish : Touriñán (San Martiño)
Place : Touriñán
15124 Muxía - A Coruña


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Located on the point of the same name, this powerful, robust lighthouse constantly alerts to the dangers of the Atlantic, and withstands the storms of Costa da Morte (Death Coast). This cape is the second furthest west in Galicia, and is located on a spit of land that penetrates the Atlantic towards the end of the world, achieving the maximum western longitude in Galicia with 9º 18´ 19´´ West of Greenwich, only being surpassed minimally by "Cabo da Nave", in Fisterra, and "Cabo da Roca", in Portugal, with 9º 29´ 50´´. In front of this westernmost European point is the spectacular autumnal passage-way, from September to November, of migratory routes of numerous species. The constant winds of Touriñán convert this already-wild coastline into a rugged, inhospitable place, a silent witness of countless, tragic shipwrecks. Without a doubt one of the most impressive aspects of the place is its height, together with the ferocity with which the sea crashes against the cliffs. In summer, when the tide drops, we can see the "percebeiros" (barnacle fishers) at work, risking their lives in search of these valuable shellfish.

Distance to cities

Vigo : 148 Km | A Coruña : 85 Km | Pontevedra : 114 Km | Ferrol : 137 Km | Ourense : 185 Km | Santiago de Compostela : 74 Km | Lugo : 181 Km |

Distance to transport

Bus station : 74 Km | Train station : 74 Km | Airport : 84 Km

The Ways of St. James

The Fisterra Road

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