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Viajes Paco, S.A.

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On the Camino de Santiago

Street : A Terra 15
15402 Ferrol - A Coruña


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Distance to cities

Santiago de Compostela : 95 Km | A Coruña : 56 Km | Ourense : 183 Km | Lugo : 101 Km | Vigo : 188 Km | Pontevedra : 154 Km

Distance to transport

Airport : 44 Km

The Ways of St. James

The English Road
Viajes Paco, S.A.

Galicia is unique

A trip for various groups that arrive on foot or by plane to Santiago de Compostela and who wish to round off the experience in Galicia with a circuit that includes the highlights of its cultural, ethnographic and natural heritage, without leaving aside its unique flavours that charm the palate.
Booking: Viajes Paco, S.A.
from... 299
Viajes Paco, S.A.

Galicia Grand Tour

This itinerary includes a full circuit through Galicia’s 10 unique sites as well as others that we discover along the way. This is a journey to be charmed by the magic of Galicia’s sanctuaries, its wild coast, its hill forts (castros), monasteries and castles, as well as the breathtaking beauty of its beaches and mountains. No doubt it is a unique journey through Galicia, with the opportunity to taste its genuine flavours accompanied by excellent wines.
Booking: Viajes Paco, S.A.
from... 385
Viajes Paco, S.A.

Among bears, elves and chestnuts

A three-days / 2-nights package to discover three of Galicia’s most special forests, starting in Os Ancares and the forest of Cabana Vella and ending at the oak grove of Cruzul and the copse of Agüeira.
Booking: Viajes Paco, S.A.
from... 120
Viajes Paco, S.A.

The forests of the river Eume. The last Atlantic forest

A one-night package to delve into the forests of the river Eume (Fragas do Eume), the great Atlantic forest of Galicia, through trails that lead into the heart of this location, with giant ferns and century old trees.
Booking: Viajes Paco, S.A.
from... 52
Viajes Paco, S.A.

Sanctuaries of the Atlantic Ocean

Weekend package to discover the Romanesque architecture of the Costa da Morte and some of the most well known sanctuaries of Galicia.
Booking: Viajes Paco, S.A.
from... 95
Viajes Paco, S.A.

Pilgrimage to Santo André de Teixido

“A Santo André de Teixido vai de morto que non foi de vivo” (saying that means those who do not go to Santo André de Teixido during their lifetime will do so after their death). This is the slogan of Galicia’s most popular pilgrimage which has been declared Festival of National Tourist Interest. A two-day package that will make you feel like a pilgrim journeying to Santo André de Teixido. You will be accompanied by a guide because, although the way is indicated, we want to make sure that you do not miss the legends and tales of these lands and that you remember to leave your mark on the milladoiros (stone mounds).
Booking: Viajes Paco, S.A.
from... 95
Viajes Paco, S.A.

Train tour along the north of Galicia

Weekend package to enjoy the cliffs and sunsets between Cape Ortegal and Estaca de Bares. To do so, with strategic accommodation just a few metres away from the Cerdido train stop, we will board the train and end up sitting on the “best bench in the world”.
Booking: Viajes Paco, S.A.
from... 119
Viajes Paco, S.A.

Don’t stop until you get to Bares

Two-day package to discover, from Cape Ortegal and Estaca de Bares, the pleasant coast of the estuary of Ortigueira and the wild coast of Loiba, famous for its cliffs that command Cape Ortegal and that are full of secrets such as the Pena Furada (rock with a hole) or the algueiras (women who harvest seaweed).
Booking: Viajes Paco, S.A.
from... 49
Viajes Paco, S.A.

Ribeira Sacra: among monasteries, castles...

Three-day / 2-nights package that proffers a deep knowledge of the Ribeira Sacra (Sacred Banks) of the river Sil. Accompanied by our expert guides you will discover the monasteries, castles and fortresses hidden among rocks and the hillside forests on the Ourense side of the river Sil.
Booking: Viajes Paco, S.A.
from... 119
Viajes Paco, S.A.

The Sacred Stones of the Costa da Morte

A two-day circuit to discover the sacred stones of the Costa da Morte: Megalithic monuments such as the Dolmen of Dombate, remains of a hill fort in Borneiro and the magical stones that today have been Christianised in the Sanctuary of A Virxe da Barca (Our Lady of the Boat) in Muxía and the Cama do Santo (Saint’s Bed) in Fisterra.
Booking: Viajes Paco, S.A.
from... 59€

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