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Cabo Vilán


Parish : Camariñas (San Xurxo)
Place : O Cabo Vilán
Street : Faro Vilán s/n
15123 Camariñas - A Coruña


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In the year 1896, the current lighthouse substituted the old one that had worked since 1854 by steam. It was the first lighthouse in Spain to operate with electric light. From the rectangular white building, a recenlt-built covered passageway leads to the lighthouse tower, 25 metres high, raised on a rocky mass 105 metres above sea level. Its light reaches for 40 miles, one of the most powerful lighthouses on the coast. The area surrounding the lighthouse has a spectacular beauty, and the view of the lighthouse changes as travel along the coast.
It has showroom.


From Camariñas, take a narrow road that leads directly to the lighthouse.

Distance to cities

Vigo : 177 Km | Ourense : 195 Km | Pontevedra : 143 Km | Lugo : 187 Km | Santiago de Compostela : 84 Km | Ferrol : 141 Km | A Coruña : 89 Km

Distance to transport

Train station : 84 Km | Airport : 89 Km | Bus station : 84 Km

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