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Living History

Living History

The little treasure of the Celanova-Limia geodestination is called San Miguel de Celanova. This small building has remained intact for over a millennium...


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Celanova - Limia


The passage of the Roman legions through this area remains in the local collective imaginary.


Indeed, the Antonine Itinerary mentions the 18th Via or Via Nova, which linked Braga with Astorga. From Portugal, it crosses what is now the border through Portelade Home and quickly descends. One part was rebuilt to get an idea of what it was like back then, just beyond the highest concentration of milestones existing in Galicia.

We don't have to go back far in time to find an emblematic convent: Celanova, with the peculiarity of a tiny, pre-Romanesque church dedicated to San Miguel in its complex. Santa Comba de Bande is pre-Romanesque, as well.
For its part, A Limia's esplanade is defended by four towers. Three of them are sure to impress anyone. These are: Sandiás (an example of how to challenge heights), A Pena (in Xinzo, dominating the northernmost part and in very good condition) and A Forxa (in the municipality of Porqueira), and one more, of which remain only the ruins on top of a mountain, which allows it to look out over the entire plain (Celma, in Rairiz de Veiga). There are at least three more fortifications that must be mentioned: Araúxo castle in Lobios – only ruins remain, but on a site that commands a spectacular view –, Vilanova Tower, in Celanova, which ended up housing the offices of the town council, and the inaccessible Sande Castle (also in Celanova). 

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