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Santa Eulalia de Boveda

Santa Eulalia de Boveda

The uniqueness of the Church of Santa Eulalia de Bóveda in western Europe (located quite near the city of Lugo) has led to multiple interpretations...


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Lugo e A Terra Chá


Lugo e A Terra Cha is a geodestination boasting some of the community's most important historic and artistic relics.

The hill-fort in Viladonga, the Santa Mariña necropolis, the Roman baths and the Roman Walls of Lugo (the best-preserved Roman wall, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO), the Church of  San Salvador de Vilar de Donas, the Santa Eulalia (or Santalla) de Bóveda archaeological monument and convents such as Santa María de Meira are just some examples of the rich architectural heritage of this part of Galicia.
Other notable examples of religious architecture are the Cathedral of Santa María in Lugo, the Church of Santiago in Barbadelo, the Church of San Salvador and the Convent of the Mercedarians in Sarria, the Church of Vilabade in Castroverde, the Church of Santa María in Guntín and the Church of San Miguel de Neira in Baralla.
Entre la arquitectura fortificada se encuentran numerosos ejemplos como la Torre de Amarante en Antas de Ulla, la torre del homenaje del castillo de los Andrade en Vilalba o el torreón de la vieja fortaleza de Sarria. There are numerous examples of fortifications, including the Tower of Amarante in Antas de Ulla, the tower keep of the Castle of the Andrade in Vilalba and the keep of the old fortress de Sarria in Sarria.

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