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Nature and vineyards

Nature and vineyards

There are no human settlements in the Parque Natural de O Invernadeiro; it's pure nature...


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Verín - Viana


There are three elements of great importance in this geodestination. One is nature. Another is the Way of St. James. And the third is the walled city of Monterrei.

The latter has Verín at its feet. Monterrei is undoubtedly the best example of fortification of the entire peninsular northwest that includes people other than the military. The first printing press in Galicia was set up here, and from here appeared the first book made in the country using the Gutenberg's invention. In the next few years, an ambitious recovery plan will allow it to become a reference for all Spain. Within its walls there is a hostel for pilgrims with a long history that was recovered at the close of the 20th century.
Because the fact is that the Way of St. James   – here called the Southeast Way/Silver Way – passes through here. It enters Galicia precisely in the municipality of A Mezquita , with twenty unforgettable kilometres, and later forks in A Gudiña. There, one must choose north or south. Those who choose the former, travel the O ld Way. That is, the path followed the Galicians who went to work in harvesting in Castile, immortalised by Rosalía de Castro in her poetry. Those choosing the latter will descend to the plains where Verín and Monterrei are, and then climb the spectacular Alto de Cualedro and descend once again. The two branches of the Way of St James rejoin shortly before the capital of the province.

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