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The Way of Saint James...

  • Roger Dubief e Lucie

    "The Way of St. James is a special experience because of what we are, not what we do in life..."

    Roger Dubief e Lucie

  • Darvy Scott

    "Walking the Way, I found an inner peace that comes out, and you realise you're completely in agreement with what you're doing..."

    Darvy Scott

  • Carlos Calafell e Carlos

    "This route has exceeded my expectations, because it is a spectacular journey, mostly untouched by human hands..."

    Carlos Calafell e Carlos

  • Lidia e Antonia

    “This route is very impressive because of the silence of the forest and solitude of the Way..."

    Lidia e Antonia

  • Marie Danielle e Marie Pierre

    “The Way is an experience of simplicity and joy, communion with nature and with all the faces or beings that live in my heart..."

    Marie Danielle e Marie Pierre

  • Joaquín Ibáñez

    “I'm 60 years old, the fatigue takes its toll and my feet hurt, and maybe I'm a bit inconsistent, so I always intend to finish the Camino. It is my personal challenge..."

    Joaquín Ibáñez


This is a road that only you can walk.

A very old road that leads to new experiences. Only you can live it, only you can share it. It is the Way of St James,  Europe's oldest pilgrimage route.

Following different routes – such as the French Way, the Northern Way or the The Silver Route (among others) – each year thousands of pilgrims of all nationalities walk the Way, sharing dreams and experiences. Join them. Whatever your beliefs, the Way is a unique experience that you will live in body and soul. A spiritual journey that leads to an encounter with nature, with others and – most especially – yourself.

Look inside yourself; let Galicia show you the Way.


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Bono Iacobus...

The Bono Iacobus is a touristic service specifically designed for the St. James´ Way.

Bono Iacobus
The Way of Saint James

The Way of Saint James

Web portal about St James Way which may inform everything you need to make the Way ...


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