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Galician Woodlands...

  • Devesa de A Rogueira - O Courel

    Ancares - Courel

    Devesa de A Rogueira - O Courel

  • Teixedal de Casaio

    Manzaneda - Trevinca

    Teixedal de Casaio

  • Bidueiral de Montederramo

    Ribeira Sacra

    Bidueiral de Montederramo

  • Fragas do Eume

    Rías Altas

    Fragas do Eume

  • Sierra de O Xurés

    Sierra de O Xurés

  • Isla Cortegada

    Isla Cortegada

  • Souto da Retorta

    Souto da Retorta

  • Fraga de Catasós

    Fraga de Catasós


Exploring the woods of Galicia is the best way to get away from it all, leaving your hectic daily life behind to immerse yourself in a soothing, peaceful natural world.

The damp air mingles with the smell of  the trees and moss. The dry leaves crunch under our feet. In the background, we can hear the sound of water flowing down the rivers and brooks that wind their way to the sea. Pay attention to the route, since these woods – some of which are almost impenetrable – are home to flora and fauna that deserve our respect. Thick woods of oak, holm oak, birch and chestnut. The woods await you, silent and immobile: come in and explore the landscapes of the most magical places in Galicia!

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To read and print...

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