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The Essentials

That which you cannot miss, the distinguishing features of the soul of this land. 

You can climb the Tower of Hercules y vigilar el océano como hicieron los romanos hace más de 2.000 años. and watch the sea like the Romans did more than 2000 years ago. You can enjoy a seafood meal by the "hórreos" (granaries) of Combarro, in the middle of the estuary known as the Ría de Pontevedra. Or you can go camping at the Cíes islands and bathe in the best beach in the world. If you prefer the interior, you can visit Lugo and walk along the top of its Roman wall. You can stroll through the lively streets of Santiago de Compostela and be fascinated by the Pórtico de la Gloria. Or you can take a boat tour along the cañones del Sil canyons and enjoy the grapevine landscapes and monasteries of the Ribeira Sacra

Discover the essentials and become an expert in Galicia.

    • Atlantic Islands National Park

      Atlantic Islands National Park

      You can find the best beach in the world. And it's not because we say so ourselves, but The Guardian newspaper...

    • Santiago´s Cathedral and Historic Quarter

      Santiago´s Cathedral and Historic Quarter

      Hold your breath. The Botafumeiro thurible is flying above your head at 70 kilometers per hour...

    • The Wall of Lugo

      The Wall of Lugo

      The Roman wall that surrounds the city of Lugo is the only one in the world that is complete...

    • Tower of Hercules

      Tower of Hercules

      A World Heritage Site, the Tower of Hércules is the world's oldest lighthouse...

    • Cabo Fisterra

      Cabo Fisterra

      The "finisterrae". Why would someone want to go to the end of the world?

    • The

      The "Rías"

      They say that they those the long inlets, are the finger marks that God left when...

    • Ribeira Sacra e Canón do Sil

      Ribeira Sacra e Canón do Sil

      Discover the incredible boat tours along the River Sil and River Miño...

    • Praia das Catedrais

      Praia das Catedrais

      When the power of the sea unites with the patience of time the result is a work of art...

    • Galicia City of Culture

      Galicia City of Culture

      The future is here. In a big way. It is such a spectacular proposal that it awakens passions...

Way of St. James

This is a road that only you can walk...

Way of St. James

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