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Living History

Living History

The little treasure of the Celanova-Limia geodestination is called San Miguel de Celanova. This small building has remained intact for over a millennium...


Celanova - Limia


The geo-destination, Celanova - Limia, contains the municipalities: A Bola, Baltar, Bande, Calvos de Randín, Cartelle, Celanova, Entrimo, Gomesende, Lobeira, Lobios, Muíños, Os Blancos, Padrenda, Porqueira, Quintela de Leirado, Rairiz de Veiga, Ramirás, Sandiás, Sarreaus, Tramiras, Verea, Vilar de Barrio, Vilar de Santos and Xinzo de Limia.

Celanova is a land of poets such as Curros Enríquez and Celso Emilio Ferreiro, no doubt inspired by the beauty of the surroundings. The Praza Maior of Celanova is presided over by the majestic Monastery of San Salvador, one of the Baroque gems in Galicia. Close by, the fortified pre-Roman Iron Age village of Castromao and Vilanova dos Infantes, a mediaeval town with stately homes situated round an ancient tower.

Towards the southeast, these lands merged with those of A Limia, the best potatoes in Galicia are grown. In Xinzo de Limia, they celebrate two major festivals in high style. One is "O Entroido", which runs for five Sundays and is one of the most ancient and bizarre carnivals in Spain. The other is the "Festa do Esquecemento" (Feast of Oblivion), which commemorates the crossing of the River Limia by Roman troops. The legions who got this far refused to cross it because they believe whoever did would lose his memory... Until Decimus Junius Brutus crossed it and from the other side called each soldier by name. So ended the legend and so began the festival.


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